Being online, texting, checking out Facebook or YouTube, and IMing is a part of your life. You probably understand how social media and the internet works better than your parents. Sure, social media is fun. It’s a way to stay connected with your friends. Maybe it’s even recommended by some teachers for assignments. But do you know how to use social media safely?


Girls Empower yourself so that you understand the risks of being online and make an agreement with your parents about the steps you will take to stay safe online.

Our Family Online Safety Agreement


Families and Educators

The reality is that social media is here to stay. Learn more about the risks associated with social media and girls today. Talk to your children or students about what they should and should not do when online. Sign an online safety agreement.

About the Campaign

Cybersafe Girl is a regional, bilingual public education program about social media safety and girls.  The project is developed and supported by the Atlantic Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women in Canada to provide information to girls, families and educators about how girls can be safe