Online Safety Agreement

An online safety agreement can help define internet usage rules for parents and children in your family. When you’ve created such a contract, girls will know what is expected of them and what they can or cannot do, as well as your obligations as a parent or caregiver.  We've created a sample that you may choose to use 'as is' or change to suit your needs and the ages of your children.

  • I will not share my address or phone number online, or give out any information that identifies me.  If anyone asks for this information, I will tell my parents, caregivers or another adult I trust.
  • I will not tell anyone, other t han my parents or caregivers, my passwords. Not even my close friends.
  • I will treat others with respect online, as I would in person.  I won't pick fights or use mean words.
  • I understand that nothing I do online is private; I will not say or do anything that I would not want others to see or know about.
  • I will never post my picture or a video of myself online without permission.
  • I will not open an email or click on a link from someone that I do not know.
  • I will never lie about my age online.
  • I will tell my parents, caregivers or another adult I trust if anyone online makes me feel uncomfortable or angry.
  • I will share my favourite sites with my parents or caregivers, so they can better understand what I like to do online.
  • add you own agreements