Resources from Atlantic Canada

This presentation was given to parents in Prince Edward Island in order to provide them with insight into how young people use the internet and mobile devices and to enable them to better protect their kids online. 
Protecting Our Children Online

The summary of court proceedings in a Nova Scotia case wherein a 15 year-old girl applied for an order requiring the internet provider to disclose the identity of the individual(s) who published a fake and defamatory Facebook profile. 
Supreme Court of Canada

Report of the Standing Committee on Social Development, Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 2006 [PDF]  
Cyberbullying and Violence Prevention Initiatives Among Youth 

A publication of the Prince Edward Island Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee. [PDF] 
It's Up to You: Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Resources & videos presented by the Province of Nova Scotia.
What is bullying and cyberbulling?

The following resources were developed by the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick, in collaboration with Victim Services and Public Safety, and were designed specifically to address the issue of sexual exploitation of children on the internet. 
Internet Safety Tips for Youths Child Internet Safety: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, Caregivers and OthersContract for Safe Internet Use

This guide was published by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. It provides information and resources for girls on life, school, work, friends, family, community, and relationships. It includes section on healthy sexuality and cyberbullying. 
Guide for Girls