Talk the Talk


girl-textingHundreds of short expressions and jargon have spawned as a result of the instanteous nature of mobile internet. The following is just a sample of common lingo and texting acronymns in use:

asl: your age/ sex/location? ASL is an abrupt question common in online chat environments. There is significant subtext when someone asks 'asl'.  Be warned: when someone uses 'asl', it often means that they are trying to quickly assess a person as a potential object of flirtation.

bf: boyfriend

bbiab: be back in a bit is another way of saying AFK (away from keyboard) when in the middle of an instant messaging conversation.

bisly: but I still love you is used as playful affection, often during online arguments or debates.

brb: be right back

cam: webcam

f2f: face to face

gf: girlfriend

g2g/gtg: got to go

h/o: hang on

h&k: hugs and kisses

HMU: hit me up is an acronym used to say "contact me", "text me" or "phone me"

idk: I don't know

ilu/ily: I love you

ipn: I'm posting naked

iwalu: I will always love you

jk/jks: just kidding/jokes

kam: webcam

kk: ok cool

kotl: kiss on the lips

kpc: keep parents clueless

ldr: long distance relationship

lmirl: let's meet in real life

lol: laughing out loud

nifoc: naked in front of computer

noob: new individual

np: nosy parents

nvm: never mind

omg: oh my god

paw: parents are watching

pic: picture

plz: please

pm: private message

ppl: people

pos/pots: parents over the shoulder (parents watching, I can't talk)

qt: cutie

rents: parents

rofl: rolling on the floor, laughing

Sexting: (a combination of sex and texting) is the act of sending, receiving or forwarding suggestive test messaging with nude or nearly-nude photos, primarily between mobile phones. 

somy?: sick of me yet?

SUP: what's up? is a common greeting

sxy/sexi: sexy

toy: thinking of you

ttyl: talk to you later

ty: thank you

ud: you would

ur: you are

wd/wknd: weekend

wdymbt: what do you mean by that?

wtgp?: want to go private?

wuf?: where are you from?

yw: you're welcome

@@@ is used to indicate "warning of parents nearby"

:*( is a character set or 'emoticon' used to express crying 

<3 is a heart


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