Cyberbullying Advice
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Tagged: What you do online could tag you for life
When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart program, Tagged is recommended for use with students aged 14 and over.

Bully Dance
This film is part of the ShowPeace series of lively animated films about conflict resolution. This series has received support from UNICEF and Justice Canada. For teaching guides, a parents' guide and recommended resources visit

To This Day ... for the bullied and beautiful 
“To This Day" is a powerful story of bullying and survival, illustrated by animators from around the world.
"If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror.” (Shane Koyczan)

Internet Safety and Privacy Advice
CommonSenseMedia - Smart Online Search

It's a Girl's World: How girls use their social power to hurt each other
A National Film Board of Canada production examining social bullying among girls (2003, 67 minutes). Teaching guide available.

Media's Impact on Kid's Body Image: What Parents Need to Know. 
CommonSenseMedia - The role of media in children's body image.