Resources for Families and Educators

Hypersexualization of young girls: Why should we care? mother-and-daughter-talking
Canadian Women’s Health Network

Helping your daughter develop and strengthen her body confidence.
Dove Self-Esteem Project.  Helping girls develop positive relationships with the way they look and raise their self-esteem to reach their full potential.

Preventing the Sexualization of Children: What Adults Can Do
Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Hypersexualization of Tweens and Teens
The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association identifies the issue of hypersexualization and offers resources to parents dealing with it.

Sexy sells: The marketing of girls’ sexuality
CWHN webinar recorded March 19, 2013 and moderated by Jane Shulman (60 minutes)

Briefing: Sexualization of young people in the media [PDF] 
This briefing was produced by Zero Tolerance, a Scottish Charity that aims to end violence towards women. It highlights the key research and resources available on the issue of hypersexualization. 

Sexy Pacifiers for Girls: Silly or Sick?
A radio interview with Melissa Wardy, author of Redefining Girly, conducted by birth and parenting expert, Gena Kirby, discussing so-called “sexy” pacifiers for infant girls and the sexualization of young females in our culture.

Sexualizing Childhood [PDF]
From the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, this fact sheet contains statistics linking sexualization and objectification of women in the media to unsafe sexual practises among young women.

Why this professor is not surprised by frosh chants
Janni Aragon, a professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies at The University of Victoria posts that “rape culture” is the end product of a society of hypersexualization.


Report of the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls [PDF]
The APA's report defines sexualization; examines occurences of sexualization of girls in American society and cultural institutions; evaluates the evidence that suggests sexualization has a negative impact on girls and the rest of society; and describes positive alternatives.

Letting Children Be Children: Report of an Independent Review of the Commercialization and Sexualization of Childhood [PDF]
This report by the UK Department of Education identifies issues and recommends courses of action. 

Clothes: What Girls Gotta Wear
From the PBS Parents website, strategies for shopping with your daughter.

Too sexy to go to school: A discourse analysis of the recurring public debate on girls’ dress [PDF]
By Caroline Caron, Ph.D. Candidate, Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montréal.

Joining Up the Dots: Why Urgent Action is Needed to Tackle the Sexualization of Women and Girls in the Media and Popular Culture [PDF]
A Violence Against Women Prevention Scotland Publication.

Dressing our Daughters
A mother shares her concerns about the clothing offered for young girls by several major retailers.