Resources for Girls

Girls Action on Girls and the Media
girl-reading-magazineThis Infographic produced by the Girls Action Foundation was designed to get girls talking about and  questioning media messaging.

The Brave Girls Alliance [PDF]
A think tank of girl empowerment experts and allies.

Spark Movement
Spark began as a response to The Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls and its call for grassroots mobilizing around the danger that sexualization poses to girls and young women.


Body Image [PDF]
This resource provides information and interactive activities to promote the development of a healthy body image. 

Project Girl
Project Girl is a girl-led, arts-based initiative created to enable girls to become more media literate, critical consumers of advertising and entertainment.

Four women get photoshopped to look like perfect "cover models"
Four women were asked to participate in a professional photo shoot. A Photoshop expert then retouched the pictures to make the women look like cover models. The video illustrates how far reality differs from the images we see in fashion magazines.

About-Face equips women and girls with the tools to understand and resist harmful media messaging that affects their self-esteem and body image.